This is National Farm - City Week, November 22-28.

Why it begins on a Friday I have no idea!

The concept is to support programs that bring rural and urban citizens together.

Kentucky Farm Bureau

According to Kentucky Farm Bureau President Mark Haney (pictured), “It is important for everyone to have a solid understanding of how their food gets from the farm to the table. National Farm-City Week gives us that opportunity. It unifies the voice of the agricultural community and calls attention to the origins of the food, fuel and fiber products we enjoy.”

I know there are a lot of kids who thinks that food just grows at the grocery store or in the Fridge. I grew up on a farm but my daughter and grandkids didn’t. That’s not unusual these days. Haney says, “Many people today find themselves two, three or even four generations separated from life on the farm.”

There aren’t as many farms as there used to be but they are growing more food than ever. Today’s farming is also one of the only U.S. businesses with a positive balance of trade.

In Kentucky there are 87,000 farms putting over 5 billion dollars in the economy.

Haney, who also operates an orchard and cattle farm in Pulaski County, said he hopes the National Farm - City Week’s promotion will entice more people to educate themselves about what farmers do.

At your next city meal, stop and think of the farmer who grew it!