This past weekend, my band and I traveled down to Athens, Tennessee for the National Moo Fest. Yep...even I couldn't make that one up! Ha!

Being that the band is ALL over the map (Evansville, O'boro, Bowling Green and Nashville)... it takes a while just to get everyone in the van, haha! We were so excited to be taking our first real road trip as a band! Let's face it... 5 hours in a van with six people is going to get interesting!! And, of was! But, most of all...we had a blast!

My friends at Legendary Entertainment took awesome care of us! Our driver, Ryan, was so great!! He got us there in one piece and even carried momma's bags!! (That's probably my favorite part, haha!)

We were lucky enough to have an awesome lake cabin on Crystal Lake waiting for us when we got there. And, trust me...awesome doesn't even cover it! (Really, check out the pics!)

It was so much fun for all of us to get to hang out without having to be somewhere, or working out a song...just fun! And, our hosts Christy and Eric were great! Kyle, rhythm player, was celebrating his 26th birthday....wish I could share those pics, haha! Happy Birthday!!!

The National Moo Fest is in Athens. It was sooo neat! They block off the town square and basically set it up like a small-scale BBQ Fest. There were two stages with live music the entire day, carnival rides, local items, snacks, Mayfield Ice Cream!! (Oh belly was full!) I do have to band is awesome and they rocked it out!! Even thou it was like 2000 degrees and I swear I thought I was gonna pass out (maybe I should cut down on some of the dancin...nah!!) we had such a great show!

And get this.... after we performed, we went to a local cafe to eat. There was a man (let's be honest, he had been at the bar for a long time, haha!) who had seen us perform and bought us all a cool!!

And, to top it all off... we were offered to come in September to Chattanooga and play at a National Tow Truck Convention...that's a no brainer...we'll be there!!

Hope you enjoy my pics!