Day two of National Severe Weather Prep Week is underway. Tomorrow, March 5th, the National Weather Service, in conjunction with Kentucky Emergency Management and the Kentucky Broadcasters Association, will conduct a tornado test message at 9:07AM CST.

The test message will activate NOAA weather radios and broadcast media, meaning you will hear an alert just as if we were getting a tornado warning. Plus, all businesses, schools, government agencies, and citizens in Kentucky are encouraged to take part in the annual Statewide Tornado Safety Drill.

Later this month, the NWS will conduct Flood Safety Awareness Week, March 18-22.

This part of the country has been riddled with more than its fair share of severe weather over the last few years. And while the winter cold has lasted far longer, this season, than it did last season, we are just a year removed from upper 60s temperatures and the tornado that hit West Liberty, KY.

It's the Ohio Valley, and there doesn't seem to be a month on the calendar when you can completely rule anything out. But we're closing in on spring, and that's usually when the sailing is roughest.

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

And that's what National Severe Weather Prep Week and the tornado test message is all about.