Y'all know it doesn't take much to make me cry...but, throw in the military and some romance and I'm bawling like a baby, ha! This video is absolutely precious. Although I never thought a wedding ceremony surrounded by escaladers and flight status' being announced over the loud speaker could be romantic, this wedding was perfect. These two lovebirds had their original wedding date pushed back due to a deployment extension, but with the help from the airport and airline, finally becoming husband and wife was right on time.

Check out the video and full story from Drew Weisholtz.

You could say these newlyweds were flying high after tying the knot.

Navy sailor Dylan Ruffer and Madison Meinhardt got married at Reno-Tahoe International Airport shortly after he landed following an 11-month deployment.

The couple, both 19, planned to get hitched earlier this year, but plans were scratched when Ruffer’s deployment in the Middle East was extended, so when they learned he was being given a six-day vacation this month, Meinhardt’s father jokingly recommended she meet Ruffer in a wedding gown at the airport. That set the stage for the most non-traditional of wedding ceremonies.

And while the airline industry is typically besieged by bad press, it seemed to get it right this time. United Airlines got into the spirit of the occasion by making all of Ruffer’s trips VIP flights and the airport chipped in by decorating and providing enough space for 150 guests, as well as helping out with a DJ and catering.