For a couple of years now, I've been begging for the powers that be in Hollywood to forgo any further attempts to create movies about cataclysmic natural disasters.

We've had The Day After Tomorrow. We've had 2012. It's time to move on.

My suggestion has been to write a screenplay about what would happen if the Internet completely shut down. We're all so attached to it now that it's presence has become second nature. But what if it vanished?

Well, NBC has granted my wish...and then has taken it a step further with Revolution. And congrats to the folks at Rockefeller Center. If ever there was a network starved for a hit, it was the Peacock. And now they have one. And it's a good one.

I've been playing catch-up on On Demand and have just finished watching the seventh episode. I am hooked.

In the first episode, it is present day. A man named Ben Matheson rushes home to his wife, Rachel, and tells her, "It's happening." He then calls his brother, Miles, and tells him the same thing. Then all the power goes out. And, not just the electricity. ALL the power. No smartphones, no computers, no cars, nothing. And it's on a global scale.

After the screen goes black, we rejoin the characters after 15 years of 19th century living. Militias have risen up and have taken control of as many guns and as much of the food supply as they can. The United States has been divided into territories. Different small groups of people all around the country are struggling to survive.

But it's the Matheson family that is the focus of Revolution. On his deathbed, patriarch Ben instructs his daughter to get to Chicago and find her uncle, his brother Miles. He also gives is friend Aaron an unusual amulet that he is to guard with his life. The amulet is a key player in the series. Lost creator J.J. Abrams is behind this new hit and you can tell. But it promises to avoid Lost's arcane plot twists and rip-off ending.

Revolution is exciting television. If you haven't been watching, try to see the first couple of episodes online and then catch the others on On Demand.

It is well worth your time.