In a basketball-lovin' world, we are all deeply entrenched in March Madness mania--so much so, that I immediately knew what was about to happen the minute I walked up the sidewalk this morning. As I approached the back door of the radio station, I noticed our general sales manager, Traci Davis, wearing a UK blue polo shirt. And hit me. I was donning a bright red WBKR shirt. I have a road show today at Pogue Chrysler, and this was just my station shirt of choice. Of course, Kentucky and Indiana are playing each other tonight in the Sweet 16. It's one of the most highly anticipated NCAA Tournament games that I can remember. And I've been watching this tournament for a long time. Anyway, Traci saw me stop dead in my tracks. She realized what I had realized and told me to go find a black WBKR t-shirt in my size because I was not to leave the building with this one on. So, the search is on. Mental mistakes can be very costly in March--both on the court and in the office.