Well it’s been a while since we’ve heard about this topic, but a new area code is coming to Western Kentucky. And it is bringing changes with it.

I put a blog up a little over a year ago about the new area code overlay that is coming to the area, and that time is now upon us.

The new area code, 364, will start being distributed March 3. New landline and cellphone numbers created after that date may be given the new area code. With the new area code, comes a new dialing practice. You will now need to dial the area code for every call you make starting February 1.

Because of the overlay, regardless of who you are calling, your next door neighbor or a business down near Paducah, it will be necessary to dial either 270 or 364 before the number.

Most people have received a piece of literature detailing the switch more, but in case you have not, here are a few other things you may want to know. If you list your phone number on a website or other materials, remember to add the area code to that number. If you have numbers stored in your cell phone, or other contact list, make sure to update them with the proper area code. The literature also states that you may need to make changes to fax machine or modem settings for it to handle the 10-digit dialing. Security systems using phone signals may also need to be reprogrammed or updated according to the literature.

To view the literature and get more information, click here, and then click on Kentucky.