She's only 18, but she's got what I like to call an "old soul." And some pretty impressive pipes as well.

Newcomer Samantha Landrum, who hails from the perfectly named Tucker's Crossing, Mississippi, paid WBKR a visit on Thursday afternoon and gave us a live performance of her new single, "Hometown."

She arrived with her promoter and Reviver Music label head David Cross and her dad, Bruce. So it was really funny when David said that she would be singing along to her guitarist, Walt. Except, a fourth person was nowhere to be found.

I thought, "How tall is Walt? Can I just not see him?" Turns out Walt recorded his guitar solo on disc and Samantha sang along to it. And, beautifully, I might add. And, by the way, the pre-recorded instrumental track is why you'll hear her a capella on the video.

See for yourself: