On the eve of WBKR's 2nd annual Zombie Run, a new documentary (or "deadumentary") is peeling away decades of secrecy and exposing one of Owensboro's deepest, darkest, and deadliest secrets.

During World War II, the city was home to covert biological warfare experiments that went terribly awry.  Filmmaker P.J. Starks, of Verite Cinema, has uncovered that mission, its failings and has recreated and dramatized key components of the story.  This is a fascinating and disturbing history lesson everyone needs to see.  But beware...  Viewer discretion is most definitely advised.

Yes, this is a valuable history lesson that no one in Western Kentucky, with the exception of Colonel Depp, saw coming.  And P.J. Starks, by unmasking decades of secrecy and taking this city's skeletons out their proverbial closets, is imploring all of us to ensure that history never repeats itself.

But this September, here at WBKR, we are tempting fate.  We are having our 2nd Annual Zombie Run on the Greenbelt . . . the former home of Project: Deathpack!  And we're seeing who's brave enough to tackle our 5K and try to STAY AHEAD OF THE PACK!

To register, CLICK HERE!  Runners can compete for just $25 and we have some really cool prizes for the folks who can make it out of the race "alive."  Or, if you're feeling frisky and want to pay homage to Owensboro's recently unveiled zombie tradition, you can register as a member of the undead for just $30.  We'll supply the make-up and everything you need to become a zombie, minus the biological testing.

The WBKR Zombie Run is Friday, September 27th at 10 p.m.  The course begins at Legion Park and proceeds to the Greenbelt. The race is presented by the Owensboro Family YMCA, the Old Courthouse Catacombs and The House of Lecter.  And our official water sponsor in Henderson Chevy Buick GMC.

And, this bears repeating.  Whatever you do . . . stay ahead of the pack!