In 1995, Arista Records released a Pam Tillis single called "I Was Blown Away." Terrific song. It was the fourth release--of five--from Sweetheart's Dance, the best-selling album of her career.

It was destined to be a huge hit, as it had followed three other top fives and a number one. But on April 19, 1995, as the song was climbing the charts, the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed. Because of this national tragedy, Pam Tillis issued a press release requesting that programmers stop playing her single, due to its title. She felt it might be a bit too insensitive, all things considered.

From that point on, radio stations have encountered music that may seem inappropriate depending on time or location. For example, if "Tornado" by Little Big Town had been released just prior to January 3rd, 2000 or November 6th, 2005 or October 18th, 2007, it would have been unthinkable to put that on the air.

Consequently, when Hurricane Sandy roared up the east coast and into New Jersey and New York, I wondered if country stations in that region would pull Gary Allan's "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)." As it turns out, I got it backward. The new Gary Allan hit is actually the focus of a fund-raising initiative for victims of the superstorm. Gary was scheduled to perform in New Jersey the week the hurricane hit.

Obviously the show had to be cancelled. So, he turned the tables on the storm and made "Every Storm" a vehicle for Red Cross donations. Very impressive, but not unexpected. Country music singers usually step to the forefront in times like these. Gary is just another awesome example!