This has gotta be a record. Well, maybe not, but it DOES seem a bit unusual (and fast) to release the video for a new single by a superstar before that single has even charted.

Such is the case with Luke Bryan's brand new song "Roller Coaster," the fifth from his blockbuster Crash My Party album. The previous four all went to number one.

But I guess if you have the time and you have the location and you're Luke Bryan and you can basically do whatever you want (he'd probably say that isn't true, but, yeah, right...), you go ahead and shoot the video.

Look for Luke's new single's chart performance NOT to emulate it's title amusement park ride. There will be no ups and downs, only ups until it hits number one, just like the other four.

Well...then...I guess it WILL come down, won't it?

Never mind.