It's always great to have new country artists stop by and share their music. Tuesday afternoon was no exception when newcomer Tyler Dean stopped by to give us a couple of acoustic numbers on his guitar, share some stories, and let us hear his new single.

He whipped out his guitar and sang an Exile song that, frankly, I had never before heard and then he sang "Your Man," a song by one of his idols, Josh Turner.

Tyler's name was somewhat familiar but I didn't know why. But he explained to me that, although only 23, he's been recording for nearly 14 years. In fact, his first single--released in 2004--was pop.

During the course of our conversation, he revealed that he'd only been playing the guitar for about a year and that that was kind of odd considering his family. So I asked if he had a musical family. He said something along the lines of, "You could say that."

Then he casually told me that country music legend Ronnie McDowell is his father. Yeah, I'd say he has a musical family. This was very cool and Tyler and I chatted about his dad. I met Ronnie a couple of times when he did shows at the Executive Inn back in the 90s and I had introduced him. Very nice man.

And his son's a chip off the old more ways than one.