A woman who for a couple of years has been linked to Owensboro native and MotoGP star Nicky Hayden is now a reality television star.  Jackie Marin's family is the subject of TV Guide Network's latest series, Tequila Sisters.


From TV Guide Network:

Tequila Sisters spotlights the Marin family, a wild and spirited multi-generational Hispanic family living a life of luxury in Southern California thanks to the father’s successful tequila business. While life seems perfect, looks can be deceiving. Drama unfolds as the Marin patriarch, Bill, fights hard to hold on to his four beautiful daughters and the American dream he built for his family while the girls passionately pursue their Hollywood lifestyle.

The Marin family is made up of: passionate entrepreneur and family patriarch, Bill; sweet, doting and traditional matriarch, Lori; label-loving, rebellious, Jen (29); aspiring actress and daddy's girl, Lauren (25); outspoken but always endearing, Jackie (24), and Catherine (21), the baby of the family who can get away with just about anything. Although the girls are always breaking rules and traditions, at their core, they’re all about family. And even in the shadow of an overbearing father and against a backdrop of alluring Hollywood life, the girls’ pride in their heritage and love of each other keep them a united front making this family as strong as their tequila.

Here's the official trailer for the show . . .

In the trailer, Jackie mentions that the Marin girls are not allowed to have boyfriends unless their father Bill approves.  Given the fact that Jackie has been linked to Nicky as his "lady friend" as far back as 2012, it appears that the racing star may be on tequila's good side.  In fact, he and Jackie were spotted together in Owensboro at a New Year's Eve party.

You can catch Jackie Marin in Tequila Sisters each Tuesday at 7pm CST on TV Guide Network.  And you can watch the pilot episode here . . .