Kimberly Perry debuts my new feature, "Under the Magnifying Glass". I have sent out a trove of reporters (all named Watson) to scour the Internet for the most intriguing facets of country stars and other celebrities. And, since I dig Kimberly Perry a LOT I thought I'd start with the little darlin' from The Band Perry.In the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, one reviewer Jon Bream, commented on the power with which takes over the stage, “… like you wish Miranda Lambert would.”

I like the way Bream described Kimberly’s knock out performance. “… with rock-star abandon and panache. She sang with whiskey-voiced passion and thrilled 3,000 fans with the kind of authenticity, spirit and freshness that most of the big-name women in country music lack in concert”.

Whew, Aunt Bee, that’s gettin’ it said. I know when I saw her perform in Evansville she worked up a huge sweat. She works hard for the money!

At the October 12 show, I also met her fiancé, J.P. Arencibia, who was then with the Toronto Blue Jays but has joined the Texas Rangers in the off season. When he proposed to Kimberly, it was on her family farm where she grew up.

When she has a rare day off, she likes to take drive in her car to find peace and quiet.

She and her co-writers composed over 50 songs for Pioneer and trimmed it down to 12 finalists. My fave on the CD is, "I'm a Keeper".

She told Elle Magazine that the song “Done” was written more about a circumstance and a particular relationship. They wanted to find the "sentiment" more than a story.

Her fashion sense comes from growing up on rock 'n' roll so she was inspired by Stevie Nicks.

She said her hair is her favorite accessory, and she added, "There are so many gorgeous girls in this business, so I just want to be the funky one."

She also says the band tries to coordinate their outfits. She said, “It’s a real art to have the perception of unity in the group but not looking overly matching”.

And, finally, something funny. She The Band Perry appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show, she had to admit she didn't know where Pearl Harbor is. Watch --

Other Kimberly Perry’s include a M.D. in Portage, IN., a CPA in California and a commercial photographer in Yuma. AZ.