The latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto Franchise has been circling the News and the Headlines.  Basically, saying that it is bad news for people to play a game with so much violence.  Most of the younger aged people would disagree.

There has been a report of one 21-year-old guy that stole a truck, kidnapped a woman and went on a driving rampage.  Upon being pulled over he admitted that Grand Theft Auto 5 was his inspiration.  Adam Carolla said that video games don't make people make stupid decisions, however, video games make stupid people make stupid decisions.  Good point Carolla.

Margaret hates this game because it takes up a pretty good deal of my day.  Every time I think about what happened Wednesday afternoon, I think about Titanic.  Rose and Jack are walking down the boat deck and she snatches his art book from him, asking what it was and why he was carrying it around, basically just looking for something and some reason to insult him.

Same story with Margaret.  She complained about this game non-stop since I bought it. So, like Rose,  Margaret snatched the controller out of my hand and said "Whats the big deal with this game, its so stupid!"  Until she started hitting buttons.  "Oh... oh... OH!!!  OH MY GOODNESS, I SEE WHY YOU ARE ALWAYS PLAYING THIS!!"  ...Hooked

She later had to go to work and about 2 minutes after she left the house, she called me.

Margaret Montgomery

She was wondering what that feeling was that she was having.  She said that she felt really scared to drive because she was still in Grand Theft Auto Mode.  This "mode"  is easily controlled by a gamer.  But for a first time player it can be terrifying.

Honey just don't steal anyone's car.  And please don't hurt anyone.