So Margaret and I were in the car the other day and it was dark outside so lights were necessary.  I notice that she turns her bright lights on and off when she sees a car coming and after they pass, which is very respectful because she's a very respectful person. However about another mile down the road...

I'll set the scene- 55 Miles Per Hour, RT. 60, 9:30, Dark Outside, WBKR on blast, windows up.    So here it is- She turns the radio down and says how do you keep the bright lights on, I look over and say what do you mean.  She asks again, "how do you keep the bright lights on when you're driving?"  Well, her car is one of the ones that you have to push the blinker switch toward the dash board instead of pulling it back until it clicks.  I said "Honey, what are you talking about"? She again repeats herself and I look over and she has been holding the bright light switch back toward the steering wheel, just holding it so the brights would be on.

She has been driving for several years now, I assumed this was just something that everyone knew.  I said if it doesn't click then you push it toward the dash board and as she did that it clicked and the lights stayed on... no more pain in that little "U" shape between your index finger and thumb.  She lost it- OH MY GOSH THAT'S SO AWESOME!!

Shes the best :)