My friend, Jim Parr, used to be a newsman for WVJS, WSTO and WBKR. Recently he's been posting some phenomenal old newspaper ads from the Messenger-Inquirer on his Facebook page. Some bring back memories and some are before my time. But, all are endlessly fascinating.

So I sent him a message and asked his permission to post them on our website, as I'm sure there are those of you who would enjoy seeing them as well. He said yes and we are off and running.

Most of the images are ads, save one--a photo of the old W.T. Grant Department Store which was part of the Gabe's Shopping Center. It was located where the Plasma Center and the Eight Ball now call home. Later, W.T. Grant moved to Wesleyan Park Plaza, changed its name to Grant City, then became K-mart.

In these advertisements you'll find great deals from Harry Holder Ford on the corner of 4th and Frederica. Only now, it's called Steve Jones Chrysler.

I had forgotten all about Burger Chef, a fast food burger joint that, for years, was McDonald's only competition. I think we had two in Owensboro--one just down the street from the WBKR studios on Frederica and the other out on West Parrish.

There's an also an ad for Star TV. I had completely forgotten about this electronics retailer which had two Owensboro locations--both downtown.

And, for those of you who are new or relatively new to Owensboro, there once was a third major player in the barbecue restaurant wars. It was Shady Rest out on East 60 right next to OMU. My family and I used to eat at Shady Rest all the time. Good stuff.

Check out that "Welcome to Owensboro" ad from the Velvet Milk Company. That building existed into my lifetime, but I barely remember it. But I do remember the days of the milkman and bottled milk and we always had it.

Now, one of the ads referred to something that I do not remember about the Bowlodrome. I guess I am too young to be familiar with Club 300 and its resident jazz organist, Alice Raye. But, it's hilarious nonetheless.

And, finally, check out David James and Mike Blake from way back in the day--and, of course, the legendary Marcia Yockey. That is a riot. I knew David and Mike had been on 14 for as long as I could remember, but I don't recall it EVER being known as "Newslens!" That's hysterical!

These are a lot of fun to see and I can't thank Jim Parr enough for sharing them and letting me share them with you.