October is here! It's the scariest month of the year. So how appropriate is it that I found old photographs that recall a very scary moment in WBKR history? Fasten your seat belts. (No pun intended...well, maybe a little.) In the spring of 1995, I was working middays on WBKR. One day, after finishing lunch, I was standing in the room directly behind the WBKR studio, minding my own business and waiting to go back on the air. Suddenly, there was a loud crash and the building shook. The next thing you know, employees were running up the hallway toward the lobby. I wish I could remember how many different thoughts coursed through my head in those moments. So I immediately went into the hall only to find these same employees looking into what is now Moon Mullins' office. And I had a look myself. What I saw was the front of the white WBKR van inside that office. The wall had been all but destroyed. Then everyone was in the front lobby witnessing quite a mess. It seems a little old lady had somehow managed (bear with me, here) to cross Frederica Street after coming out of Byers Avenue,  drive onto Kentucky Wesleyan College's front lawn,  wheel around and come BACK across Frederica,  hit a hill in front of Tower Place, and go airborne and leave a tire print on the hood of another car.

When she landed, her airbag deployed and, in a panic, hit the gas pedal thinking--I assume--it was the brake. This sent her big ol' Cadillac plowing into the first of two WBKR vans that were sitting next to the carport out front. She hit the blue one dead on sending it smashing into the white one which then was shoved into the building. Obviously, the police were called and it was learned that the lady was intoxicated--not a stretch. And that front office was off limits for some time during repairs, mainly because the load-bearing wall had been severely damaged. I love finding old pictures. I wasn't sure that any still existed from that bit of excitement in WBKR's history. Oh, you'll be glad to know that WBKR has been Caddy-proof ever since. Now we just have to worry about Hummers.