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As if I didn't get enough feedback for the fact that I drive a Cadillac, do the speed limit everywhere and back into my parking spot, all at 22 years old. I made the mistake of telling Chad and Moon from the WBKR Waking Crew that I have to take my friend to get his hip fixed.  "Gee Gramps you even have friends that need hip work"?- Chad Benefield 

So my friend Nate Shyver is a workout fiend.  Every day he is in the gym working every muscle possible.  He bounced onto the health train about a year ago.  Nate does it all: Protein, Power Bars, 2 gallons of water a day and a 10 pound box of fish each week. He's always good for information too, say if I want to have a sandwich right before bed on white bread then he will go on about how carbohydrates - if ingested before sleep, your body will use them for energy to repair muscles, keeping you awake longer, opposed to going to bed on an empty stomach so your body uses its own nutrients to rebuild energy for the next day.... That stuff is always tuned out.  Its always healthy to take a break every now and then.  Nate learned that the hard way when his hip lost its hop and fell out of place.

My old soul keeps me moving, at least faster than Nate who is laid up on the couch icing his hip.  And I proudly walk the halls of the radio station being known as "Gramps".