Monday night you can hear the Big Blue All-Stars vs. the Villains at 6:30. When Christian Laettner walks into Rupp Arena, I'll be waiting for the earth to quake and the waters to rise up. Won't we all? I mean, say it ain't so. The most hated nemesis in the history of University of Kentucky basketball actually setting foot inside its mother church? All I can say is...INGENIOUS!


It's the Kentucky Villains vs. Big Blue All-Stars Charity Game. Laettner will coach the villains. Former UK and Apollo High School great Rex Chapman will coach the All-Stars. And what a line-up for Big Blue: John Wall, Enes Kanter, DeMarcus Cousins, Nazr Mohammed, Jodie Meeks, Tayshaun Prince, Chuck Hayes, Rajon Rondo, and Keith Bogans. The Villains roster features an array of former college basketball stars that are not necessarily considered villains by the Kentucky faithful. But I doubt that really matters since the greatest villain of them all will be their coach. If you're not famliar with the story, I'll get you up to speed. It was the the Elite Eight of the 1992 NCAA Basketball Tournament. Final seconds. Duke vs. Kentucky. Kentucky was up by one. Earlier in the game, Laettner had stepped on UK"s Aminu Timberlake and was not called for a personal foul. It would have been his fifth and he would have been out of the game. And THAT means he would not have been at the top of the key to catch a lob pass from Duke's Grant Hill. He would not have able to spin around and sink a two-pointer. And he would not have driven that final nail into the Wildcats' Final Four coffin. It was the shot heard 'round the Big Blue Nation.


 To this day, you can't say "Christian Laettner" within in the Lexington city limits. To be honest, them's fightin' words in most all corners of the Bluegrass State. I remember co-hosting a bus trip to Lexington back in 2001. We were all going to see Kentucky take on Louisville in Rick Pitino's first appearance at Rupp Arena as the Cardinals' head coach. In the stands, I casually mentioned Laettner's name, and heads spun around. One guy even told me, "We don't usually mention his name here." I understood and told him that I, too, usually refer to him as "cling peaches." And I'll explain that quickly. It was an old episode of "All in the Family." Edith had an accident at the grocery store. She'd gone to get cling peaches. But while talking about the wreck, she couldn't quit talking about the peaches. So Archie told her to stop saying "cling peaches." So whenever she'd get to that phrase, she'd say, "mmmm mmm-mmm." So, in our family, when there's something that comes up we shouldn't mention--like Christian Laettner--we say, "cling peaches." Anyway, it's going to be a great basketball game and, in all honesty, my hat is off to Laettner for doing this. I mean, Rupp will full to the rafters. Not just former UK greats, but the most hated villain in the history of UK athletics. A match made in heaven. I just hope the concession stands have enough cling peaches.