I first met Kevin Roach when he came to Owensboro to help us film our promotional trailer for our Zombie Run.  He was totally convicing as a zombie blood-thirsty for a taste of Jaclyn, our Greenbelt damsel in distress.  But it's Kevin's work in an independent film called The Confession of Fred Krueger that just may put him on the national radar.  His performance inspired a petition to land him the iconic role in Hollywood.

Trust me when I tell you that Kevin has a dark side and he absolutely lives for letting it play out on screen.  And he did that most recently in Nathan Thomas Milliner's The Confession of Fred Krueger.  Here's the official trailer for the film.  It will give you a taste of what Kevin brings to the role.

As horror films anxiously await a reboot of The Nightmare on Elm Street series, Kevin Roach fans are rallying to get him a shot at taking over the role made famous by Robert Englund.  If you'd like to sign the petition to help Kevin, who's from Mount Vernon (just west of Evansville), CLICK HERE!

This guy definitely has the glove . . . and the chops.  In fact, he was licking those chops a couple of years ago when he turned into a zombie to help promote the WBKR Zombie Run.  Check him out!

And, now, Kevin looks poised to make the leap from small screen to the big screen.  And, like the citizens of Springwood, Ohio did, you can help this Freddy catch fire.

One, two . . . Freddy's coming for you!  And, when he does, he just may look familiar!