My faith in the next generation strengthens everyday. I was impressed with how 11-year-old Caine Smith has decided to deal with bullying. I feel the same way about Halsey Parkerson of Salem, Oregon.

While it's dismaying to see how Facebook has been used in recent years to advance the repulsive cause that IS bullying, Halsey decided to use the social network to his ADVANTAGE in dealing with a kid who'd been giving him trouble.

The bully was repeatedly telling Halsey that he had no friends. When he told his aunt about the situation, she went to one of her Facebook group pages and posted an invitation to anyone who'd be willing to show up at Halsey's high school for a lunchtime meeting.

They showed up in droves as Halsey confronted the kid who'd been giving him a hard time. And, what do you know? He apologized.

Bullying may be a new epidemic--or, at least, the WAY kids are bullied--but the solution has always been the same:

Stand up to them and they will back down. And THAT is the epidemic that needs to continue to spread.