On Tuesday, July 15th, 2014, more than 100 new laws will go into effect in the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Among them:

House Bill 128 -- It will now become easier for victims of domestic violence to obtain concealed carry permits.

Senate Bill 225 -- A practice known as "up-skirting," in which a cell phone is used to take pictures under a woman's skirt, will now be outlawed.

Senate Bill 20 -- October will henceforth be designated as Anti-Bullying Month. Purple and yellow ribbons will be the official symbol.

Senate Bill 7 -- Advance practice registered nurses will now have wider authority to write prescriptions.

Senate Bill 213 -- Small farm wineries will now be permitted to sell their products on Sundays.

These are just highlights. For a complete list, go to www.lrc.ky.gov.