So, this morning on the morning show, Chad went off about the possiblity of the Owensboro 270 area code changing.

According to Public Service Comission, "Area code 270 is projected to run out of available numbers by the first quarter of 2014. The PSC will consider two options for creating the new area code. Telecommunications providers have recommended an overlay, which would create a second area code - 364 - in the same territory now covered by area code 270. The second option is a split, which would assign area code 364 to a portion of the current area code 270 territory. An overlay would permit retention of all current 270 numbers, but would require 10-digit dailing for local calls. A split would retain seven-digit dailing for local calls, but would require both wireless and landline customers within about half the current area code to change their phone numbers."

So basicly what this means is that either they are going to just give out 364 area codes to new phone numbers or change half of the territory to 364, which is currently 270. This of course doesn't sit well with Chad because he doesn't like change or having to go through his cell phone to change the area code to those numbers because this would require some work. lol!!!