Last night I was watching CBS 44 at the beginning of the show it talked about UniFirst, a company in Owensboro; they are the leading supplier of uniforms, workwear and related products to businesses big and small since 1936.  It was a very interesting show the President and CEO put on a wig and fake mustache and worked along side with people in the company to see how it was to work there and what could be done to make life easier in the company. He also got to know the workers on a personal level. He then traveled to other UniFirst companies across the country to do the same thing.  At the end of the program he revealed who he was and gave the people he got to know some extra money for their hard work and the sacrifices they make in their every day life.  He helped with their rent/utilities, childcare for a whole year, help pay for college for Dee Dee the Owensboro UniFirst worker.  I thought it was a great heart warming show.