Okay, so I'm a huge fan of Youtube. It's a quick fix for boredom. When, or if, I run out of things to do, watch, listen to, whatever, there's always Youtube. So, the other day while Youtubing, I just searched "Owensboro" and hit the jackpot. And then I thought, "I have a forum. Why not spotlight the occasional Owensboro-related Youtube video?" Answer: no reason. So let's begin with a recap of the River City Festival of Films. The event, conceptualized and brought forth by PJ and Katrina Sparks and their good friend, Rodney Newton, was a huge success in October of 2011. I've seen PJ's films and he's constantly either working on or envisioning the "next project." A film festival in Owensboro is right up this writer's alley. I certainly can't wait for further festivals or further opportunities, like this one, to share with you any and all of what PJ and company are working on. It's Owensboro on Youtube; check out this festival recap posted February 7th.