Owensboro-based pediatrician Andrea Powell Johnston has co-written a brand new book that "brings medicine and faith together."  It's called The Baby Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey Through Baby's First Year and it is available for purchase now!  Read what Amazon.com has to say about this brand new, insightful guide for moms!

From Amazon:

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The Baby Companion offers every new mom a guide that includes both information and encouragement for her journey through baby's first year. Equipping women with practical advice and resources including scheduling, child development, budgeting, and practical parenting, this book guides the reader on a faith-filled journey paved with truth, reflection, and Scripture.

Some of the elements include baby stats, development checker, baby care, common questions, mommy care, truth for the journey, and more. Organized into chapters that follow baby's monthly progress, the reader will have everything she needs to be informed and peaceful during her baby's first year.

I have been friends with Andrea for years.  That's why I typically refer to her as "Andrea" instead of "Dr. Johnston."  Of course, because we have been friends forever I know what the child paid in student loans, so I really should call her "Doc!"  Trust me, she's earned the title!  I used to visit her while she was in medical school and I can tell you, first-hand, that she has pretty much always held pediatrics close to her heart.  This field was her destiny.  That's why it was no surprise when she accepted a pediatrics residency at Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis and then immediately joined the practice at Owensboro Pediatrics.  This was most definitely Andrea's calling and she has answered it emphatically.


And now that she's had her son Cooper . . . and she and her husband Mark are expecting their second child (a girl) . . . Andrea has most definitely become an expert in baby's formative years and she has helped to create a definitive guide that allows her to share her professional and personal experiences with you.

Dr. Johnston (Hey!  I did it!  I called her "Doc!") wrote the book with Jessica Wolstenholm and Dr. Heather Rupe.  And, in addition to being a practicing partner at Owensboro Pediatrics and caring for her own son and family, she has been on a mini-book tour to promote its (pardon the pun) arrival!  In fact, this past weekend, Andrea and Jessica had a book signing at Lifeway Christian Store in Franklin, TN and, last week, hosted an "all-access" party on Facebook!

To get more information about The Baby Companion and to purchase a copy online, CLICK HERE!

And to get more information about Owensboro Pediatrics, where Andrea . . . er, Dr. Johnston . . . is a practicing partner, visit their official website.