In an effort to get all citizens involved in crime prevention, the Owensboro Police Department has announced the launch of a new initiative called "Eye on Owensboro."

"Eye on Owensboro" will allow businesses and residences to register their security cameras with the Owensboro Police Department.

The benefit of the police knowing where all surveillance cameras are located is huge.

If you own a business or are a homeowner and you'd like to register your security camera, it's really easy. You can access the form at or pick up a form at the front desk at the OPD on 9th Street.

No cost is associated with this registration and the information you provide will be kept confidential. And after you've completed your registration, a member of the Owensboro Police Department will contact you to verify your information. You'll also receive an "Excellent Outcomes Through Community Partnerships" window decal.

Further contact from the Owensboro Police Department will only occur if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your surveillance camera.