There are homeless people in Owensboro. Right now there is no shelter for women and children. But, that's about to change thanks to a group of local builders who are constructing a new facility to assist them. The shelter, located at 400 Crabtree Ave, will open soon. Mindi Hawkins and her husband, Johnathan, owners of Hawkins Roofing amd Kim Jagoe need your help. Volunteers with an assortment of skills would be very helpful. Plumbing, flooring, electrical workers and framers are needed.

Of course, money would be a great gift as well. Mindi says, "The shelter will be emergency shelter for women and children including a place to sleep, do laundry, take showers and so forth. There is a soup kitchen on the premises in the New Life Church where the residents of the shelter can learn how to cook and will be used as a reverse soup kitchen to serve the public food! There is no time limit on the stay at this shelter. Nobody will be turned down."

If you are interested in making a donation, contact Kimberly Jagoe at: 270-316-9807. or Mindi Hawkins at or call 270-314-7067.