This is exciting.  This summer, Owensboro native and Apollo High School graduate Sara Murphy will be featured on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss!  That's the show in which personal trainer Chris Powell works with contestants over a 12-month period and helps them complete change their lives.  Sara dropped by the WBKR studios recently to give us a preview of what to expect when her episode airs.  LISTEN!

In this clip, Sara explains how she made it onto the show.

In the second clip, Sara and I chat with Nashville Kat and Sara explains that she's 9 month into filming and people are freaking out at her transformation.

In this clip, Sara and I chat with Monica the Twitter gal and explains how she just completed a full marathon!

And in this final clip, Sara explains when we can catch her episode and how she is striving to help others change their lives through an online support group that she recently created.


Sara's online Facebook support group is called Fit to Journey and you can LIKE the page and participate by CLICKING HERE!