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Angel’s Having A Yard Sale
Angel here!  Prepare yourselves!  This week's bargain is HUGE!  I am having a yard sale at my house.  Chad may have been right...I am a bit of a hoarder!  Here are some of the items I'll be selling~
Homelessness Awareness Campout This Weekend
Homelessness in Owensboro is a huge problem. Many men, women, and even children are left to seek shelter night after night here in our own city. This weekend you can take on their burden for a night and help raise money and awareness for the cause.
My Baby Book Revelations [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
Okay, as we get older, birthdays become less important. Yeah, I've already bypassed old 40 milestone, but I was wondering who else has a birthday on not just October 13th, but the 13th in general?

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