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Apollo High School Hosting UPS College Program Seminar
When I was going to the University of Louisville, my friend and roommate Julie worked for UPS and went to school.  Since then, many people I know have worked for UPS while attending the University of Louisville.  The company offers a really cool program that allows college students to earn money and…
Owensboro Man to Conquer Fight for Air Climb in Indianapolis
Ricky Evans of Owensboro has spent the last couple of years working hard to get himself into shape.  He committed to a regiment of eating right, working out and running and has lost 120 pounds in the process.  And, now, Ricky is literally ready to climb to new heights.  He's participating in the Fig…
What Would Chad Look Like As A Woman (PHOTO)
Lately I have noticed Facebook has been doing the face changing pictures like what would you look like as a man or a woman or a Hollywood Star. I decided to see what Chad would look like as a woman. I think you might be surprised!
Mud Lick, Kentucky Featured in Episode of The X-Files
One of my favorite TV shows of all-time is The X Files and I was tuned in last week when Agents Mulder and Scully visited Mud Lick, Kentucky to track down their co-worker Agent Skinner.  As soon as the words "Mud Lick" were uttered, I said to Kevin, "I think that's in Kentucky!" …

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