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Owensboro Woman Shares Powerful Christmas Wish Story [Video]
The WBKR Christmas Wish office opens today inside Towne Square Mall.  For nearly four decades, we have been working to make sure families in need get a visit from Santa Claus each holiday season.  And this story is a powerful testament to the program and its reach.  My friend Charlene Brown shared t…
A Sweet Tea Issue and Tomato Pie
Okay, so from Halloween on through New Year's, I eat a lot, we all do. My trip to New York was filled with lots of carbs and I was a very happy camper, er, traveler. However, there was one glaring error.
What’s Cookin’? The Krabby Patty Burger [Recipe]
Here on the WBKR morning show, we routinely reference Angel's alter ego, Krabby Patty.  If you all tune in regularly, you know that Angel can go from sweet and funny to cantankerous in about two seconds.  That's why we have given her the nickname Krabby Patty.  Well, today in our What's Cookin'? seg…

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