One day last week, I was at Chick-fil-A getting Chad and I some breakfast...Yes, such a good friend!! I went to pay for our food and the woman said it was taken care of...what?!?!

She informed me that the guy in front of me had taken care of it. She said that it happens all of the time....awesome!! I was so excited and really, kinda shocked...that I just drove right off!! What?!? Why did I put my $5 back into my purse??? There was a mini-van behind me, I'm sure filled with screaming kids ready for their Chick'n Mini's!! The mom would have been overjoyed to have $5 towards their total, but.....I was just so excited and surprised....I just put it back up! Oops!

Well, I realized that it really is the little things that can make our day. So, on this holiday weekend, let's do something for someone else! (I know...what a concept!! Ha!) Maybe it's not paying for the person in the drive-thru's food, but maybe it's something else. Open the door for a person with four kids at the mall...actually letting someone at the four-way stop to go first....something little really can make a big difference!

I was lucky enough to run into the nice guy that paid for our breakfast later on this week....I expressed my appreciation! If only I could see that woman in the van behind me....I owe you breakfast!!