Well, that was mainly to get your attention. Wednesday is a fun day at East View, however, as Principal Ann Marie Williams will don rainbow wig and bring her pet pig to school for the first day of the new year.At the special morning assembly starting at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, Ms. Williams will be wearing a rainbow wig and will introduce students to her pet pig, who will also be wearing a wig. The program is designed to illustrate one of the seven habits of success that are part of the school’s “Leader in Me” program.

Ms. Williams and her staff will discuss the importance of setting goals for the year and the difference between a PIG (pretty important goal) and a WIG (wildly important goal).

The program promises to be fun and entertaining while also getting the students off to a positive beginning to the school year with an emphasis on the values of personal responsibility and meeting “Great Expectations” for success.