"I don't understand why God chose me to have to fight the battle against cancer.  But I do know, that once I survive, I will try my hardest to make sure that no child ever has to do this again."  That quote comes directly from Ella Dreamer, a St. Jude patient who is battling a rare and deadly form of cancer known as adrenalcorticolcarcinoma.  If you have tuned into the WBKR/Poole's Pharmacy Care St. Jude Radiothon the last two years, you have heard Ella's story, told by her mother Jeanna, who has become a staple of our broadcasts and annual fundraising mission.  The Dreamers continue their battle against childhood cancer and continue to inspire everyone who knows or encounters them with their strength.  The latest development in this story . . . Ella continues to survive and she has taken her story to the Internet. 

Ella's new website is called EllaIsStrong.com.  You can see Ella's story in her own words, read updates from her mother, Jeanna and see fun family photos.  You can even donate to Ella directly. 

The Dreamers were the inspiration behind our original St. Jude song this year and, rather appropriately, we named it "Dreamer."  In case you missed it during our 26-hour radiothon in February, you can listen here.

Yes, Ella's story has inspired a lot of people.  It most definitely inspired us.  Jaclyn and I are so thankful that we had the opportunity to meet Ella and Jeanna a couple of years ago in Memphis and that we continue to see success in their story. 

Ella truly is an inspiration and she has become quite the little St. Jude celebrity.  Check this out!  She got to sing at The Grand Ole Opry with the Grascals on their St. Jude-inspired song, "I Am Strong."  So cool!

And, yes!  Ella IS strong!  And we are so proud of her!  You can continue to check in with Ella on her brand new website and we really encourage you to do so!  And we can't wait to have the Dreamers on our 2013 St. Jude Radiothon.  Each year they're with us proves the power of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis and the miracles performed there every day.  Jeanna Dreamer will tell you that Ella is a miracle.  And now, that miracle is being shared with the world on the world-wide web.

Ella is strong!