Well, that didn't take long. I was in Wal-mart last night and overheard a man and a woman talking about Kentucky's victory in the championship game when the conversation segued into speculation about whether or not Coach John Calipari was going to stick around.

It never fails, does it? Because Coach Cal has been so incredibly successful since the minute he stepped foot onto UK's campus, folks have wondered if he was going to jump at the next NBA job that comes open.

And it just so happens the New York Knicks are looking for a coach. And it just so happens it doesn't take long to find stories about such a possibility. In fact, CBS Sports analysts wasted no time in having a round table discussion about it. We shall see.


While researching during the course of writing this blog, I learned that Coach John Calipari has no interest in leaving Kentucky, calling UK the best job in basketball coaching. Good enough for me. I'm gettin' some coffee.