Everyone who has flown knows the drill. Once you get on the plane you stow your bag, fasten your seat belt, and make sure to turn off any electronic devices. Well, one of those things could change by the beginning of next year.

Several lawmakers have been asking the FAA to take a look at its policy on electronics during take off and landing. While you can use non-connected electronic devices during flight you cannot use any devices for the whole flight.

Back in December it was reported that the chairman of the FCC asked the FAA about extended use of electronic devices. The FAA has formed a committee to look into the use of electronics at various points of flight and the risk they may or may not pose. The team is expected to release their results before the end of July.

Recently several lawmakers have voiced their support for the change in policy. It has even been reported that pilots can use iPads in the cockpit and other flight crewmembers use their own devices, although at what points in flight has not been brought up.

If the policy does change it still may not allow all devices. Cell phones and similar “connected” devices are not likely to be allowed during take off and landing, but other devices such as e-readers and tablets may be allowed.

It could mean more time with your device for those out there that are deeply connected to their devices. But until they flip the switch on the policy we will still have to power those devices down.