Though we may know his name, I have no intention of repeating it. I believe the publicity given to these maniacs only breeds more tragic occurrences like the one Friday in Newtown, Connecticut.

While that viral Morgan Freeman quote has been shown to be a hoax, I do agree that there are those out there who see what big celebrities these gunmen become and begin to think how they can top them.

Who's to say there isn't some disturbed individual out there right now planning another attack, just as this one could very well have been planning his during the last one?

But who are these would-be lunatics? And will we ever have any way of knowing? You can't just arrest someone because he's walking down the street by himself and has a strange look on his face.

I believe there will be action taken and I believe it has the capability of really dividing this country. I suppose legislation, of some sort, is one angle.

I believe fortifying public buildings is another. Yes, that would be prohibitively expensive, but not nearly as costly as the lives that have already been lost.

There's also a third step--parents paying closer attention to their children if they see anything that might make them think their child could, at some point, be a danger to himself and others.

A woman named Liza Long of Boise, Idaho has been in the news this weekend because of her blog, "The Anarchist Soccer Mom," in which she details concerns she has about the behavior of her teenage son.

Will she take the next step and seek psychiatric help? Would that be enough? Is there anything that can really stop the demented individual bent on killing?

We all certainly can pray that there is.