Okay, Erin here; to be fair, none of those things listed in my title have anything to do with Owensboro or with each other, but I couldn't sleep and my mind was racing, so here we go.  Yes, it's true, I've moved back to Owensboro after a nearly three-year sabbatical with my parents in Hartford.  Hey, the food, room, and board was free so there!  However, earlier this year, I was able to start saving a little more in my pocket and starting about two weeks ago, I started the process of moving back.  Oh how I've missed my couch and my chair; the couch serves as a second bed, since this one may or may not work out.  I present the posh air mattress:

This was my Mom's idea and I must say after you see the narrow staircase,

She came up with a practical idea, for now.  I'm on night 3 of sleeping on this life raft, and no, it is NOT to be used as a flotation device, and you know, it's not bad, but it will certainly take some getting used to.  I use the word "posh" for a reason; this air mattress' comfort level can be adjusted, hi-tech huh?  I haven't quite decided on a comfort level yet.  I will sleep here, I will sleep here.

Okay, I guess I should explain the title.  If you know me, I'm not the most domesticated gal on the planet, therefore when I live on my own, I tend to live a little dangerously, or slovenly.  I say wrinkled clothes, because for now, I'm still living out of a suitcase, er, duffle bag, and you know what happens, especially when you're like me and you are trying to cram a week's worth of clothing into one bag.  Now, the processed food part I don't recommend.  I don't cook, I microwave, it's very practical and I'm sure all of the food I purchase will be vacuum-packed or processed, plus, I don't eat as much when I live on my own (DON'T DO THIS!)  I am a professional.  Random furniture is not such a bad thing; this place is a little bit on the eccentric side, as far as architecture goes:

I picture a huge handmade pot in this crevice--cue The Righteous Brothers, Demi Moore, and the late Patrick Swayze!  Or I could hide here when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, we'll see.

Well, I know I'll have to take in some Old Hickory barbeque, walk at Legion Park, and I should basically just get out more now that I'm back in a bigger area.  Is barbeque processed?  Hmmmm?

I leave you with what the extent my decor is so far, but I promise, it will improve, good night!