I dig Bigfoot videos. If you have a recorded Bigfoot sighting (and we HAVE had them around here), please upload it to YouTube. I love 'em. And here's the kicker...I don't even care if you faked it, so long as it looks like you didn't. They're awesome!

That classic Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film where you see the big guy walking away and then he briefly turns around and looks back? I love that. It's been around my whole life.

I thought it was creepy as a kid. I still do as an adult.

He is an American icon. Nobody has ever been able to determine exactly what he could be if he's real. And that's what makes Bigfoot not just a part of this country's folklore, but also a great character to trot out for Halloween. He IS creepy...the way he lumbers about, COULD prove very dangerous if you got too close, and the fact that, yes, he DOES look like a monster.

Here's my thing:

It doesn't MATTER if he doesn't exist. Get over it. It's fun. It isn't necessary to get all bent out of shape, if you're a non-believer (and most are), when a new "Bigfoot sighting" video emerges. Who cares? Obviously, you can debunk these sightings as hoaxes until the cows come home and it's not going to stop the next person from thinking he or she just spotted Bigfoot somewhere.

Don't you people get it?

That original film is from the LATE 60'S! This myth isn't going anywhere! It's been going strong for 46 years. Americans love it!

And some love it so much that they have established the Sasquatch Genome Project, which works tirelessly to not only prove the existence of Bigfoot, but that the "sasquatch" is a species and there are more where he came from.

Bring it on!

It's an eternal struggle. The believers vs. the debunkers. And THEY are just as important a part of American folklore as the big furry fella.