In Owensboro, we love our festivals, don't we? Well, carve out some time for another one. The River City Festival of Films will roll out November 3 at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Spearheaded by Verite Cinema's PJ Starks, the festival will once again showcase the work of aspiring artists not only from the region but from around the globe. The festival has expanded so much that PJ had to turn some films away.

It's called a good problem.

And, in fact, I don't see why some of these films couldn't be saved and shown in next year's festival. But, then again, if expansion continues...Well, who knows?

But, the fact is this--The River City Festival of Films will be even bigger than last year's. And that only indicates growth. And that's terrific.

It's a very exciting festival for the Owensboro area as filmmakers from around the country and around the world will bring their films to the city for all to see, enjoy, and, yes, critique.

Those in attendance will have a tremendous opportunity to speak one on one with the filmmakers, including Hollywood artists from Kentucky.

The event will last from 10AM until 10PM and will spotlight short films as well as feature-length films. There will be live music from local artists and plenty of refreshments.

The River City Festival of Films...coming soon to a Kentucky Wesleyan College near you.