I'm a huge fan of the FX series "Justified." It's a dark and violent crime drama set in eastern Kentucky that kind of plays out like a modern-day western. Great premise. Great stories. One of the main characters is Boyd Crowder, played by Walton Goggins. And I've heard some stories about him... One of the stories comes from Wikipedia, but since anyone can update that website with whatever information they want, it's hard to trust. And, really, the whole point of this post is about a rumor; so trust that at your own peril. But I've heard that Walton Goggins secretly lives in Owensboro, that he's been spotted at stores, at the hospital, out and about. But he likes to keep a low profile, so that would explain the lack of any stories written about his presence here in town. Who knows? But I thought I'd use this forum to learn if anyone has seen him. If you have, let me know. Big fan.