On a night where Regan Smith achieved his very first Nascar Sprint Cup victory, there was much more drama going on before, during, and after the Southern 500 in Darlington.  Before?  Juan Pablo Montoya and Ryan Newman were called into a pre-race meeting to settle their differences stemming from an on-going feud, however, Newman threw a punch at Montoya and the meeting abruptly ended.  Ironically, Montoya spun out Jimmie Johnson on lap 83, so he may need to hire some bodyguards.  During the race, there wasn't a physical altercation, but when Kyle Busch pushed through and spun out both Clint Bowyer and Kevin Harvick close the end of the race, the tension was built and the scene was set for an ugly post-race incident.  All Boywer ended up doing was basically throwing a fit and he at first refused to make the mandatory trip to the infield care center.  But what happened next in post-race was inevitable.  Let's go to the videotape; it shows the entire Busch-Bowyer-Harvick wreck:

So today, Nascar announced both Harvick and Busch would pay a fine of $25,000 each and they would both be put on probation for all Nascar sanctioned events through June 15th, which includes the non-points $1 million Sprint Cup All-Star race on May 21st. However, Ryan Newman and Juan Pablo Montoya will NOT be penalized for their pre-race throwdown.