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American Idol: Wherein We Say Goodbye to Miss Jones

by Stephen Thompson on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 12:38am

The one constant about Idol is that an hour long results show nearly always seems two hours long.  The other constant is how Seacrest stretches the reveal often to the heights of sadistic glee.  (Hmm.  Sadistic glee?  I guess that's when Glee moves to cable.)

Can we possibly ask for a moratorum on Michael Jackson songs sung by the group?  Better yet, could we please stop the group sings when all they're doing is lip-synching to such an extent that you half expect to hear Girl You Know It's True?  

Red Riding Hood.  From the director of Twilight.  Aside from liking Amanda Seyfried, I have no idea if I should make fun of this or to give in and watch it.  You know if this is successful we'll have others...  A slasher version of Rumplestiltskin...  A cannibalistic witch at the heart of Hansel and Gretel...  Dare we even think of Goldilocks?  (Here's hoping I didn't give anybody an idea-- but if I did and its successful, please note the copyright below.  Thanks.)

The return of Adam Lambert.  Well, I think a softer restrained performance can work wonders.  I found myself wondering if Adam and James could compare notes since everybody keeps comparing them.

Karen Rodriguez in the bottom three?  Agreed.  Wasn't into the Selena reprise and thought she needed to have more of a spark in her next choice.

Lauren Alaina brought to tears by Seacrest.  Julianne Hough must be so proud.

Ashthon thinks she should have picked a song everybody knows.  Well, yeah. 

Haley Reinhart in the bottom three?  I thought she did rather well with the Leann Rimes song-- but I guess there has to be someone in the bottom three that irritates me.  You'd think after watching this show for ten years I'd get over it.

Casey Abrams is in the hospital yet again.  The good news is he should be back next week.

Sean Combs or whatever he's calling himself this year.  Hey...  Didn't he used to be JLo's boyfriend?  Awkward.  I'd rather have heard the girl singing and playing piano instead of the hip/hop or whatever you call his music. UPDATE:  that's Skyler Grey singing at the piano-- the same girl who co wrote Love the Way You Lie.  No wonder she has more talent than Diddy/Daddy/Fuddy Duddy.

Over 30 million votes and Karen is safe to sing in Spanglish one more week.  Haley is safe and Ashthon gets to sing for her life.

That makes perfect sense, doesn't it?  You bomb with a Diana Ross song one night-- so to save yourself-- you sing the same song again.  This is a bit like following Hiroshima with Nagasaki. 

Tune in again next Wednesday and we'll see what the top 12 have in store for us.

@March 10, 2011  Stephen W Thompson