So with the Seahawks playing the 49ers for the NFC Championship tonight (I am watching the game as I write this), I thought it the perfect opportunity to share a video that a friend told me about today. It is a video of probably the biggest Seahawks fan around.

While the video has been floating around a little while, I first saw it tonight and was blown away! No matter who your favorite team is, this is incredibly amazing and very cute. That's right I said cute... That's because this Seattle superfan is a 3-year old little girl! While most of us know our favorite team pretty well, this little girl just might upstage us. Not only does she know the player names, she knows their number and position.

It is something you just have to see, so here are 2 videos. This one shows here incredible knowledge of the Seahawks:


And this is a video of her meeting Richard Sherman:


I know her knowledge of the Seahawks puts my knowledge of my favorite team to shame!