I hope I never am scammed like is happening to some of my fellow seniors. It's not that I am so smart, but so far no one has tried it on me.If they did I might fall for it. I'd like to believe I'd know better. See, some folks, because they are so trusting, are more susceptible to these crooks. If your loved ones may be a target, let me give you some advice.

It has been reported that several senior citizens in Western Kentucky are reporting telephone calls and mail communications offering free medical alert service. They demand the senior give them their a social security number and credit card or bank account number. Of course, we always hear don't give anyone that information but some are still naive enough to do it.

The name of the company they claim to represent is a real business. "Phillips Lifeline" which is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of medical alert pendants. These services, however, are not free and the company will not call offering free services.

Here in Owensboro the local Home Instead Senior Care® office is a provider of the Phillips Lifeline medical alert service.

Zakk Gammon with Home Instead told us, “In this situation, the old adage remains true. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.Very few companies offer their services for free. If you’re contacted by someone claiming to offer those free services, do your homework before providing any of your information.”

And, if you get a call claiming to be representing a grandchild who needs your help, that's a big scam, too. Now, just in case it is true and not a scam the best bet is to call the police and let them sort it out for you.  Never hesitate to call for help. In Owensboro, the non-emergency number is 270-687-8888.