Hey, Gang!  Chad here!  One of my favorite parts of the WBKR Waking Crew is our Nashville insider, Nashville Kat!  She's a total blast and, like a "tidy" cat, she's always got the "scoop" for us.  Each morning around 7:40, she hacks up some of the juciest furballs about your favorite country music stars and shares them with Moon and me.  She's always insightful, hilarious and her voice is, well, the Kat's Meow!  So, I thought I would give you all the chance to meet Nashville Kat up close and personal!  I sat down with her for this EXCLUSIVE interview (Anderson Cooper, eat your heart out!)  and I call it an "exclusive" interview because this is the first one she's ever done!  And she did it JUST FOR YOU!  So, ladies and gents . . . I give you Nashville Kat!

In Part Two of my interview with Nashville Kat (coming to WBKR.com Tuesday), we'll discuss her new cookbook and give you all a sneak peak behind some of the recipes that will be included.  And, of course, we'll talk more shop about country music and your favorite country artists!