A friend of mine posted a pretty startling photo on his Facebook page. It comes from Speed Rebel Apparel Facebook page. Speed Rebel Apparel is an "extreme motorcycle clothing" company.

I don't think we're talking suits of armor, but it's obviously a bit different from your standard, run-of-the-mill motorcycle apparel. Regardless, the clothing company posted a shocking photo, on its Facebook page, of a motorcycle--or "crotch rocket," in the vernacular--embedded in a Volkswagen.

The site claims that the driver of the VW was talking on a cell phone when she pulled out into traffic. At the same time, the bike rider was flying down the road at 85mph and plowed into her. The motorcyclist, the driver and her passenger were all killed, according to the story attached to the photo.


Facebook/Speed Rebel Apparel; hoax-slayer.com


The thing is, the story has been debunked as a hoax, according to hoax-slayer.com, a website that scans the Internet to shoot down folklore that becomes so widespread that people accept it as truth. And there was quite an argument about it--and no four-letter words were spared--in the comment section below the photo.

But here's the deal.

While this horrible accident isn't necessarily the result of someone talking on a cell phone and someone riding a motorcycle too fast, it could be. So my question is this:

Is it wrong to illustrate the dangers of certain behaviors using an image detailing a tragic event that did NOT result from such behaviors even though it could? It feels unethical, but the intention is good. I guess.

What do you think?