This is one of those songs.  And by "one of those songs" I mean a tune that would be a HUGE hit if it was released right now.  But, the funny thing with a song like Blake Shelton's "All Over Me" is that it was released before Blake was a bona fide country music superstar.  That said, his very first single, "Austin" landed at number one on the Billboard Country chart.  But his follow-up . . . this song . . . didn't do well at all.   Remember this??

By the way, I will go ahead an apologize for that cheesy video.  That's all I could find on YouTube!  But bless the YouTuber who loves this song, because I do too.

See, back in 2001, we didn't really know Blake Shelton all that well.  We didn't understand, until he was on The Voice, the range he truly has as a singer and entertainer.  Country boys in 2001 didn't really sing in a falsetto.  My hunch is . . . most of them couldn't.  But Blake could and did . . . and country music fans just didn't know what to think.

Here's what I think.  Blake could release this song, he happened to co-write with Earl Thomas Conley, and would have a chart-topper with it.  We understand Blake today and appreciate, to its fullest extent, his talent.  Quite honestly, I think we should have appreciated it then too.  Way back in 2001 when "All Over Me" peaked at #18.  Dang it!  It shoulda been a hit!